We are where people
have significant needs are

The Fair Future donation platform, focuses on the fundraising needs of nonprofit organisations

Originality? The profits of the platform serve the actions of the foundation

Unique in the world because we finance your projects and we are with you in the field, to realise your sustainable initiatives

From the earth to the air, from water to the plate, including medical care and education, through innovative and original solutions. Together, we create human crowdfunding, and in a unique way: By involving ourselves in a practical way, with you in the field, in order to give you the best chance to materialise your sustainable initiatives in favour of people and society. humanity.

Each funded project creates a wave of optimism. This optimism is contagious because it is also shared by all those who have contributed to the project. We strongly believe in these continual waves of optimism as a remedy for the gloom that surrounds us.

87% funded
We are so happy, Fair Future as raised CHF 44 666.43 of the CHF 51 221.00 we are trying to raise to offer basic medical care in rural areas. Support this cause with us here!

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