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By the Swiss Fair Future Foundation – And Fair Future Indonesia.

More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, the foundation continues to develop projects with humanitarian goals, positive and virtuous. In these troubled times, we are working hard to face the economic crisis. We are concretely with those who have problems and bring them what to eat, what to take care of them! Let us be stronger together!

Discover the work of the foundation, for everyone!

Let our creativity run wild, stay human, join our hands, and get together to help as many people as possible!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of children and workers as health systems are closed, borders are closed and schools and businesses are closed.

As the coronavirus has spread, so too has misinformation, which fuels discrimination and stigma. Fair Future and Kawan Baik are very active in promoting facts rather than fear, providing reliable advice to those affected. We are on the ground in partnership with frontline workers and providing them with the information and resources they need to keep people healthy and learn, safe from illness and violence.

Action for Fair Future is dedicated to helping as many people as possible, women, prisoners, children, the sick, and all those who need us all. We offer help and care for them.

The Foundation supports other nonprofits’  with crowdfunding, logistical, social advice, and visibility. The Swiss foundation and that of Indonesia will help you develop your own actions, those that you will dedicate to humans and humanity.

Thank you for your participation Kawan’s and thank you for being one of those who are making a real change with all of us.

Face the Economic Crisis!

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Current projects

Projects in progress or that will start soon!

Who are we

The Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss non-profit international development organisation committed to improving life in Indonesia.

After more than a decade of experience, we are tackling the critical issues that affect the world's 4th population.

We are expanding economic opportunities, increasing environmental resilience, helping women, children and all other communities in need while promoting international cooperation.

Causes Highlighted

The foundation acts in favour of humans and humanity! It does this in a simple, authentic respecting everyone, making no difference!


End hunger and malnutrition, improve education systems, provide medical care to all who do not have access to it. Access to water and if possible, potable water and provide a light source so that children can study at home. Develop skills and self-confidence in order to create economic opportunities for a better future. Act in health crisis situations as we do for the Covid-19 pandemic by offering food resources, hygiene products, information for a healthier life, and many other social, medical, environmental, or educational themes.

News and Infos

Beyond the headlines, every people has a story!
How can we help keeping children learning during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Did you know that in "normal" times, nearly 260 million children are out of school? In Indonesia with the Covid-19 Pandemic, nearly 60 million children are no longer in school!...
Read more !
Update and Newsletter, we are in June 2020 Kawans!
As already mentioned, the health crisis has turned into an economic crisis that has a massive impact on the lives of the inhabitants; no income, no work, nothing to eat. It...
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Hyena | Solidarity action painting to support our social programs
The artwork created by the collaboration of 3 artists, cross the science field that takes place in only 6 minutes and is not repeated, resulting in something beyond expectation. Provide...
Read more !
Solidarity | Help local musicians and artists to face the crisis that has hit them hard
Over the past few days, we have taken action in favour of artists and musicians, in order to help them meet their needs. They make us happy with their music,...
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Empowerment | Women on the move. Collaboration with women’s prisons!
Empowerment | Women on the move. Collaboration with women's prisons! As part of the Covid-19 Community Care program, we are visiting Denpasar women's prison. We gave them a little work,...
Read more !
Help 65 children from 8 to 10 years old, to go back to school!
he 20 December 2019, the school of Mbinundita composed of two classrooms collapsed because of a storm. By reconstructing a new school, the Foundation offers the continuity of educational activity...
Read more !
The impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on children!
In the world, more than 1.5 billion students no longer go to class. In Indonesia, the 4th largest population in the world, schools have been closed for months. and this...
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Call for support | For cancerous, orphaned children and their family
After chapter I & II of COVID-19 Community Care, we are doing one other round of distribution. We need all of you today and next week to support many orphans...
Read more !
The Fair Future Foundation | We have legalised our representation in Indonesia!
May 14th, 20, is a great day for the Swiss foundation. We signed the act of incorporation of the Fair Future Foundation Indonesia!
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Covid19 – Map | The actions locations for the Community Care Program!
No work, no money | How self-isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic punishes the poor in Indonesia! See our Action Map Here Kawan's!
Read more !
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Kawans' Who Helped us!

Thanks to all of you, the foundation improves people's lives


Philippe Lautier

$106.00 July 3, 2020

Suzanne Melber

$30.20 July 2, 2020

Véronique Chechin-Laurens

$55.50 June 30, 2020

Catherine Forster

$263.00 June 22, 2020

Suzanne Melber

$30.54 June 4, 2020

Klarijn Anderson

$62.10 June 3, 2020

Good luck with this great initiative, Bp Alex dan semua yg terlibat! 💕🙏🏻


Rolf Zen-Ruffinen

$40.00 June 3, 2020

Véronique Chechin-Laurens

$56.00 May 29, 2020

André Meier

$1,029.00 May 25, 2020

Ronald Ang

$663.00 May 24, 2020

Supported by Quarathon (


Beatrijs Audoor

$103.00 May 14, 2020
Anonymous User


$51.91 May 10, 2020

On behalf of the foundation and all of these beneficiaries, we thank you for helping us make a positive difference.

Your donation and us

  • 93 is the percentage from your donations, which is used directly to fund our actions. 93% 93%
Although the ratio of program spending, including fundraising, management and general spending, varies slightly from year to year, over time an average of 93 cents per CHF or € is spent by Foundation, to be invested in our actions.

Images of our work!

Time passing, in pictures!

A look back at some of the most striking Foundation photos of the year. We invites you to view some photo galleries, linked to our daily work. These images involve men and women who move us every time we meet them. We wish you a nice visit!

No Problem TV

Let’s give the floor to those
who want to take it!

A Live channel by the Fair Future Foundation, with the support of Infomaniak!

For years, the foundation has fought to create original self-sufficiency solutions.

In this sense, we are happy to inform you that we have created a brand of fair trade products called "". You can take a look here Kawans! | Make a fair auction!

An auction site that participates in the foundation's concept of self-sufficiency! 33% of sales are paid for the benefit of our social actions! | The fair shop!

A store that only sells products from local art and crafts, and which supports artists and producers in an equitable manner! | Inspiring projects!

Ideas for activity projects, to inspire all those who are looking for solutions, who want to create an activity. Together, let's boost the economy now!

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Our Social Medias

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1 day ago

Action for Fair Future - Fair Future Indonesia

No Problem TV - July 2 at 4:00 pm (WITA) - We are pleased to welcome Made Bayak, a great Indonesian artist.

Made Bayak is a well-known Balinese painter, who teaches his art to people around the world, but also local children. Made is involved in causes that are dear to the heart, with critical idealism and love for the environment, his artwork is hard to describe in words.

But this Thursday, it will be with words that he will tell us about his art, his life choices, his dreams for his country, his island, his children. He will also share with us why he chose to help Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Indonesia in his projects.

See you soon!

... See More KawanSee Less Kawan

Comment on Facebook 261505648486638

We will be live on few minutes!

No Problem TV - July 2 at 4:00 pm (WITA) - We are pleased to welcome Made Bayak, a well-known Balinese painter. He will also share with us why he chose to help Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Indonesia in his projects.

#BangunMbunundita #BoProblemTV

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