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Whether to fund creative, cultural, humanitarian, solidarity projects and many others, the Fair Future Foundation created this Social Crowdfunding platform. Welcome on Action for Fair Future!

Action for Fair Future is dedicated to providing help, support, logistical and social advice, visibility to all official organisations that need it. Your Action for Fair Future platform will help you develop your own actions, those that you will dedicate to humans and humanity.

With Action for Fair Future, even small project holders have the opportunity to appeal to donations. We create Action for Fair Future allow public institutions or not-for-profit organisations, carrying projects, to exhibit their actions and projects and conduct their campaigns.

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Our 3 last gifts received on Action for Fair Future


CHF 25.00 February 19, 2020

Patricia - Daniel Calame

CHF 100.00 February 15, 2020


CHF 50.00 February 14, 2020

The causes that we highlight - Vital emergencies! Operations starts soon!

We must rebuild as soon as possible. School resumes in








Rebuild the Mbinu Ndita’s School, destroyed by a storm!

December 20, 2019. The school composed of two parallel classrooms in Mbinu Ndita (East Sumba), collapsed caused by a storm. Fair Future will help the village, the kids, the teachers to rebuild the two classrooms, then more than 50 kids ages from 8 to 10yo, will go back to school.

Act to equip the villages of Sumba with a first aid kit!








Help us to provide one first aid kit per School and Village!

When first aid kit can be accessed easily, ensure that the people around it are safe. As part of our actions in East Sumba, when the basic needs for access to basic health care are not met, we start simple actions. Learning to treat minor injuries not to become more serious injuries!

This project started, it will run until the Marc 31st 2020!








Sumba Photo Stories. A Trigger for socio-medical actions!

Another approach by Kawan Baik, to defining needs, describe the socio-culture conditions. A project made by kids for their environment! This is also an opportunity to be able to explore villages, explore local potential, including identifying problems that need immediate treatment!

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Action for Fair Future themes extends through the development of actions related to improving living conditions, women's health, support for pregnancies among minors. Access to drinking water and electricity using renewable energy sources such as wind, air and water. Improvement of tools allowing access to better education, school supplies, school safety and feeling joy while studying. And of course, everything that directly or indirectly affects access to basic health and medical care for all.

 If your project is related to one of these big universal problems, then join us and together, let's work to develop your cause.

Action for Fair Future opens discussion groups about the programs and causes that we lead. Each program that requires the opening of a group, is administered by one of the members of our team on-site, the person who is in charge of the project. So join us! It's public, it's useful and it's free!

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Anonymous User


CHF 25.00 February 19, 2020

Patricia - Daniel Calame

CHF 100.00 February 15, 2020
Anonymous User


CHF 50.00 February 14, 2020

Philippe Lautier

CHF 100.00 February 5, 2020

Suzanne Melber

CHF 28.64 February 4, 2020

Rolf Zen-Ruffinen

CHF 50.00 February 3, 2020

Un merveilleux cadeau... Merci de tout coeur!


Nicolas Gaultier

€500,00 February 1, 2020

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir enfin participer à notre niveau à vos actions aussi belles et engagées qu'elles soient.
Nous espérons… Read more

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir enfin participer à notre niveau à vos actions aussi belles et engagées qu'elles soient.
Nous espérons pouvoir faire un peu plus à chaque fois que nous le pourrons. Comme vous le dites si bien, 3 fois rien ça fait plus que rien du tout.


Véronique Chechin-Laurens

CHF 52.56 January 31, 2020

Fondation Roland Wettstein

CHF 10,000.00 January 30, 2020

Un don pour aider la fondation à construire une école solide, résistante au vent et aux intempéries. Assurer la sécurité des enfants… Read more

Un don pour aider la fondation à construire une école solide, résistante au vent et aux intempéries. Assurer la sécurité des enfants, une école plus solide et un lieu de vie pour la communauté de Mbinu Ndita, Suba Est.


Commune de Chêne-Bougeries

CHF 1,500.00 January 23, 2020

C'est avec plaisir que notre exécutif a décidé de vous allouer une subvention de CHF.1'500.- pour la reconstruction de l'école de… Read more

C'est avec plaisir que notre exécutif a décidé de vous allouer une subvention de CHF.1'500.- pour la reconstruction de l'école de Mbinundita. Agissons ensemble pour reconstruire l'école.


Marie-Christine Dutoit

CHF 1,700.00 January 22, 2020

Pour aider à la reconstruction de l'école de Mbinu Ndita, Sumba Est.
Bonne chance et bravo pour tout votre travail.


Marie-Christine Dutoit

CHF 1,000.00 January 21, 2020

Pour aider à la reconstruction de l'école. Bonne chance et bravo pour tout votre travail

Last stories, posts, gallery!

Access to water in remote areas

Malnutrition and infant mortality are high! The women are spared walking to the well sometimes far away. Imagine having to walk barefoot for hours in treacherous, dangerous terrain just for a glass of water.
During one of our visits, a woman said: “We do not have enough water to cook and we can not wash every day, once a week. I have to walk 12 km to the well and back, or I have to pay Rp.5k for a 5-litre water bottle, which will not last a day “.
let’s do something together to change this!

Rebuilding the Mbinundita school – Survey on the site – January 2020

We start to rebuild in February 2020 and launching in March 2020!

The school we are looking after in Mbinundita (Sumba East) was completely destroyed by a storm on December 18, 2019. The Foundation, therefore, undertook to rebuild it before the end of March 2020. More than 50 children from this very remote area, have no more school and we all cry, simply because it is a real drama for this whole rural community, which lives without direct access to water and without electricity. We took this school under our wing in November 2019, touched by the poverty and the kindness of this extraordinary population.

Christmas 2019 with Kawan Baik Indonesia – Lapinu, January 20

On January 10 and for two days, we went to Lapinu, a tiny village, nestled in the middle of nowhere, located east of Sumba Island, one of the poorest regions of Indonesia and Asia.
As you know, we organized a small program to celebrate Christmas with the children and the population of this village, during our week of work on site. We have indeed three programs that have started almost at the same time in East Sumba.
For the Christmas party in Lapinu, we have prepared a festive meal: Spaghetti and homemade Italian sauce, prepared by all of us. The village has no water or electricity, it was a real challenge for all of us, but this challenge quickly turned into a real success.

Sumba Photo Stories by Kawan Baik Indonesia – Lapinu, January 20

As Kawan Baik aims to contribute to the development in disadvantaged areas, we need to map out the most pressing issues in every area where we work.
Nevertheless, it is sometimes a difficult process to define what the real problems are, to decide what should be prioritized, and to find the most effective method to solve the problems.
Therefore, we initiate a photography project, through which we attempt to do the process in a creative way by engaging local children and understanding the problems through their perspective.
Sumba Photo Project will be one of our brainchilds. In this project, we will teach local children about photography,

Let's talk about...

Lack of Water

Lack of drinkable water means serious health problems. Rural communities are the first affected, diseases are increasing. Without drinking water...

The happiest are often the poorest!

The poorest depend more on others to get by. They really...

I am 8 years old, this is my life!

Children who have never seen a camera in their lives...

 Websites linked to our actions



Feb.20 | Sumba Photo Stories program

Jan.20 | Christmas 2019 in Lapinu Village

Jan.20 | Rebuild MbinuNdita School

Feb.20 | Action to Bring Water for Life 

Visit the Sumba Photo Stories Website

Visit the Mbinundita Project Website

Visit the Fair Future Foundation Website

Act for Sumba Photo Stories. A unique trigger for socio-medical actions! A project made by all kids, to identify their problems and find adapted solutions!

The Basic needs for healthcare access. 1 First Aid Kit/ school to treat the everyday injuries that kids experience on their way to school!

The primary school we are taking care since months in Sumba, was totally destroyed by a storm. We’ll start to rebuild in February, as over 65 kids don’t have school anymore!

In rural areas, malnutrition and infant mortality are high due to lack of water. A well in a village will radically change the lives of families. Take action to help villages access water!

The fundamental right to access to health & medical care is not yet acquired! Majority of people have no access to medical care, 90% of people don’t have insurance!

Your sponsorship will allow us to provide concrete aid to thousands of families! Make a real difference by helping us to change the future of vulnerable people!

Access to energy is very limited in rural areas of Sumba. Without electricity, kids can’t do their homework at night, and families can’t increase their income!

This cute baby boy is born in Nov. 2019, with an Oro-facial cleft. He’s living in a very poor rural village in East Sumba and doesn’t receive any support! Help this little boy to get surgery!

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