About Action for Fair Future?

Independent, Swiss, non-profit, charitable organisation!

Covid-19 outbreak | Support free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected

$30 | I Act for 9 meals & sanitary kits
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About Action for Fair Future

The Fair Future Foundation is an independent, Swiss, non-profit organisation, committed to manage and funding socio-medical programs in South East Asia.

Dear friends (kawan’s),

We are happy to contribute to more help, more support for causes that serve people, communities in difficulty. The idea of ​​creating a free social crowdfunding platform is born on the initiative of the Swiss State Approved NGO, the Fair Future Foundation.

We realised that most crowdfunding websites offered a bit of everything. We believe that socio-medical causes or actions aimed at developing natural renewable energies, problems of access to education or knowledge, should not be mixed with personal or individual causes.

Action for Fair Future is dedicated to public organisations (foundations, associations, legal social entities, etc.) who have a project that has the only aim of improving the living conditions of one or a group of people, having environmental, social, medical, cultural difficulties, or having no access to school or knowledge.

Some history

In early 2006, Alex Wettstein founded the Fair Future Foundation, a Swiss State Approved, recognised of Pure Public Utility & Tax exempted. Alex is a Swiss citizen and he has been working in the medical field for NGO’s for many years all over South-East Asia & Switzerland.

The foundation is exclusively dedicated to providing people and children with concrete solutions to improve social, educational and medical living conditions. Since 2010 in accordance with our code of ethics, the foundation has offered the means and developed a significant number of actions (more than 350 on the 31.12.19 and counting). These programs have already offered solutions to tens of thousands of poor, sick, disabled and disadvantaged people, regardless of race, religion, origin, age, colour.


The foundation and Action for Fair Future want to improve the daily life of local people and communities. Whether they are affected by one or more situations of environmental, social, educational, emotional or medical vulnerability or suffering from a disability.

By creating legal humanitarian organisations in Indonesia or elsewhere, the fondation encourages actions in the service of disadvantaged people.

We have already created 3 legals organisation across Asia. These organisations manage and implement social, environmental, medical and educational projects. Action for Fair Future already supports them in setting up operational procedures, in fundraising and we assist them in the implementation of their actions in the field.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and your great support.

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