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All Good friends against poverty

A small $ 1 to provide medical care, access to school, food and more

#HumanRightsRespect #WeAreTheFuture

Support an entire family for one entire year, with a little $1/day!

Dear friends, dear families! Your sponsorship is precious, it is essential! Thanks to a daily contribution, the foundation and its teams can offer lasting and concrete support to hundreds of people and their families every year! Become an active sponsor and get involved with us by donating $ 1 CHF. 1.00 or € 1.00 per day, you can help and support several children and their families for a year. This small franc will finance our programs of access to drinking water, access to electricity to study, better education, a healthy lifestyle, energy in line with nature, and much more. sure to improve access to education, health and better living together!

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Donation Total: CHF 1.30 Daily

Aim | Make a real difference for 1$ per day

Make a real difference by helping us change the future of the most vulnerable people. For as little as CHF 1.- a day (CHF 7.-/week), you can help 6 people.

A single small Swiss franc or a single Dollar… It may seem trivial. But it is for us a little more than 20% of a simple medical treatment that you offer to those who are sick. It also can be 10% of a full basket of healthy food, with some soap for a family, toothpaste and toothbrush, hands sanitiser, fresh vegetables, fruits and vitamins per example!

So, a single small Swiss franc or a single Dollar is for us very powerful and can give something concrete to people, kids, family, and community who can’t afford daily life! This thanks to our access to water projects, electricity, education in healthy living, harmonious power, and of course provide improved access to education, health and live better together!

Why? because for 1$ every day you'll make people happy

Becoming a sponsor of the Foundation is another opportunity we offer you. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it will provide quality medical care in a sustainable way to all those who can not afford it.

The foundation for years has to deal with complicated health situations, sometimes even extreme. The main reason is that access to medical care is impossible for 75% of the 750,000 inhabitants of Sumba to cite only this very poor region of Indonesia in which we are carrying out important actions with the foundation.

How | What can we do with one little Dollar per day?

A single small Swiss franc, it may seem trivial. But it is for us a little more than 20% of a simple medical treatment that you offer to those in need!

  • Give $1.- /day. This is only $7.- /week and it will help 6 people;
  • Give $1.30 /day. This is only $9.- /week, and it will help 8 people;
  • Give $1.70 /day. This is only $12.- /week, and it will help 10 people;
  • Give $2.40 /day. This is only $17.- /week, and it will help 12 people;
  • Give $3.- /day. This is only $21.- /week, and it will help 17 people;

Of course, help is not an exact science, these few choices to give you an example of what we can do with a very small daily amount!

With this little dollar, we can also offer school supplies, clothes, healthy food, light for a village by the installation of a public solar lamp, shoes for children, toys, books, clothes, basic hygiene products such as soap, tooth bumps, toothpaste. Hygiene products for women and young women … Lacks are incredibly important for these rural and poor populations!

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Some pictures THE PEOPLE WE ARE HELPING WITH a little 1$ per day

Your sponsorship is precious. We can provide lasting and concrete support to hundreds of people and their families every year!

Fair Future is a borderless movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty. The Foundation uses a combination of practical and innovative tactics to implement development programs, public education, educational campaigns, advocacy campaigns and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts.

We exclusively dedicated to providing people and children with concrete solutions to improve social, educational and medical living conditions through innovative and inspiring projects. From the construction of schools in rural and forgotten areas, of clinics or of a hospital, to projects to empower women. Also active in social, medical or infrastructural emergency aid, the foundation provides rapid and effective responses in favor of or populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, shortages, destruction of vital buildings or economic crises.

Sanitation, toilets, feminine hygiene, access to drinking water, access to electricity, access to medical care, getting more children to school… We will not stop until everyone can live a healthy and balanced life, with the means of subsistence in order to have a better life. Support and develop projects aimed at creating opportunities for all generations, children, young adults, the elderly. The foundation aims to rebalance social inequalities in order to restore the autonomy of all communities of people. We are creating a fairer and more equitable future for all.

To give $ 1 a day is to participate in all of our ongoing projects and actions. It is to give what to eat, drink, wash, be entertained too. A school for learning. Medical care for those who need it!

Everywhere in Indonesia, the majority of people have no access to free medical care

90% of people don’t have health insurance. Indonesia’s health system is failing to provide even the most basic care to vast swathes of the population. Many who can not afford doctors’ fees often receive no treatment at all, while the wealthy fly abroad for a check-up. The system is plagued by under-funding, decentralization, lack of qualified staff, rising medical costs, and outdated medical equipment.

The health system desperately needs improvement, and there are no laws that protect the patient. For most of Indonesia’s more than 260 million inhabitants, even the lowest quality healthcare is often inaccessible. Even in Bali and around Bali, some islands or remote mountain villages can be inaccessible for months at a time during the monsoon season. However « free » medical care facilities exist, but generally, these structures are not sufficiently equipped with medical equipment, medical goods, or drugs. Also, very often, they don’t hire enough staff. These structures can not support patients for severe or complicate cases, then, they are referred to hospitals that are too expensive for an immense majority of the population. Indonesian hospitals are even known to keep patients “hostage” until family members can settle their bills.

In this country where the rich expatriates make a lot of money (but almost never gives back anything to those who need it most), from more or less legal touristic activities, as we can realise it in the context of the Fair Future Foundation public health & Medical Care activities, and as we see almost every day, the local people, remain very vulnerable to food insecurity, malnutrition and can not, for a vast majority, have access to basic health & medical care.

Indonesia has the fifth-highest number of stunted children in the world – In Indonesia, 22.8 million people every day are unable to meet their dietary requirements!

Access to a portion of sufficient food and access to medical care remains a growing problem in Indonesia, despite a growing economy. More than one out of every three children (or 37%) are stunted. That means 9.5 million children under five are malnourished and don’t have any access to Health Care. More than three million (or 12%) of children under five years of age in Indonesia suffer from wasting. Almost two out of every three children under two years of age, (or 57%), in rural areas are aenemic. in Indonesia, country of 268,2 Mio people: 25.1 million Indonesians still live below the poverty line | 20.9% of the entire population remains vulnerable to falling into poverty, as their income hovers marginally above the national poverty line | 37.2% of children under 5 are stunted. Only 42% of children aged less than six months are exclusively breastfed, and only 36% of children consume appropriate complementary food.

Malnutrition costs dozens of millions of $US annually, due to lost productivity as the result of poor education standards and diminishing physical capability. This is why you can help them with a little $1.- per day! This thanks to our access to water projects, electricity, education in healthy living, harmonious power, and of course provide improved access to education, health and live better together!

In Indonesia, 71 million people lack access to improved sanitation and 28 million people lack access to safe water

With a population of 264 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and claims Southeast Asia’s largest economy. The capital, Jakarta, continues to expand as an international hub; however, rural communities and residents of informal settlements in urban areas struggle in terms of poor health and infrastructure. For many households, water sources are distant, contaminated or expensive, and household sanitation is unaffordable.

Nearly 28 million Indonesians lack safe water and 71 million lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Fortunately, there is a growing microfinance sector serving low-income households across the country, and they are recognizing that financing for water supply and sanitation is a growing need.

In Indonesia and around the world, people are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and millions are striving to endure this crisis with an added challenge. They lack access to life’s most critical resource – water. Now more than ever access to safe water is critical to the health of families in Indonesia.

Water is a matter of concern to us at the Fair Future Foundation: Our humanitarian responses, our campaigns, and our long-term initiatives to help families improve their incomes, reduce their vulnerability to disasters, and defend their rights. Our job is to ensure equitable access to water in quantity and quality, which prevents disease and sustains lives and livelihoods; reduce environmental health risks by managing sanitation safely and with dignity; and involving women and men in water and sanitation resource management and safe hygiene practices to maximize benefits for their communities.

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also! You’re magic and we love you very much Kawans!

#HealthCareAccess #BeTheChange #FairFutureFoundation #WomenEmpowerment #SafeEnvironmentalLife #EducationForBetterFuture #WaterForLife

You can find the project and or more complete information, on this project initiated by Fair Fair Indonesia and Kawan Baik Indonesia, by clicking on one of the buttons below

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