Christmas 2019 In Lapinu, NTT, East Sumba


Christmas in Lapinu

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by Alexandre Wettstein
Copyright © all right reserved 2020 - February 05, 2020 - Photo by Kawan Vifick from Kawan Baik Indonesia

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

$1,161 of $1,150 raised

On January 10 and for two days, we went to Lapinu, a tiny village, nestled in the middle of nowhere, located east of Sumba Island, one of the poorest regions of Indonesia and Asia.

As you know, we organized a small program to celebrate Christmas with the children and the population of this village, during our week of work on site. We have indeed three programs that have started almost at the same time in East Sumba.

For the Christmas party in Lapinu, we have prepared a festive meal: Spaghetti and homemade Italian sauce, prepared by all of us. The village has no water or electricity, it was a real challenge for all of us, but this challenge quickly turned into a real success.

It was wonderful to see all these children happy like never before. The 50 children of the village received gifts from Santa Claus: A headlamp, a unique t-shirt, with a specific pattern to Sumba, that the Foundation (Kawan 

Gogon) made only for them. Books, a globe and two wall clocks for the school, which is made entirely of bamboo and wood.

We also offered and installed two solar lamps to light the village and its community: We put them on poles of irons that we had made in Waingapu. Now, Lapinu, his children, his community have light for the 1st time. What a magical moment to see and live, after dark, these children still playing football in front of their school !!! Unbelievable!

The foundation funded 70% of the “Christmas in Lapinu” program, the remaining 30% having been offered by private donors on We take this opportunity to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts and much more. We are speechless!

Words are sometimes superfluous. So let’s make room for them, to show you some photos of this event.

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