Covid-19 Community Care | Free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected by Covid-19 outbreak

Covid-19 Outbreak | Support free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected!

Organizing information sessions about the virus during which we will teach how to make hand sanitizer, how to protect ourselves and to protect others. Providing fresh food materials, vitamins, soap, and homemade hand sanitizer to communities to prevent the infection.
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Covid-19 Community Care – Step 2 is underway | Support free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected by the pandemic!

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After the step #1, we start this end of April step #2 of this huge action, in collaboration with the Bali Institute and many other volunteers and supporters… And we need you all!

Dear friends, dear Kawans, dear families,

The Step #1 of this program started in March 20020 for more than 700 people or families, we are organised information sessions about the Covid-19 Outbreak during which we will teach how to make hand sanitiser, how to protect ourselves and to protect others. Providing fresh food materials, vitamins, soap, and homemade hand sanitiser to communities to prevent the infection.

In response to the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak, Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and Fair Future Foundation are taking basic level action to help local communities who are impacted on their health and on the socio-economic level. Public health should come first, economics can come later. But until now the government put the economical consideration first.

Fair Future Foundation, Kawan Baik Indonesia, and the Good Friends will support the community with daily-income and people in need affected by the epidemic of the COVID-19 by giving some fresh materials nutritious foods, sanitary kits and right information about the COVID-19.

“There are many of us who work to eat today, we can’t work from home “ – said a street vendor in Denpasar.

That is a fact that more than half of the population in Indonesia are daily-income residents working in the informal sector. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that the informal sector dominates employment in Indonesia. In February 2019, there were 74 million people aged 15 years and over who worked in the informal sector, while only 55.3 million people are working in the formal sector. (*)

For now, the government does not give much information about how people should act in their daily life, to protect themselves, their families, friends, and neighbours against the virus. Furthermore, the various penury (including masks, drugs, hospital goods as single-use equipment and of course… Sanitiser) all around the world makes the situation worst.

Unfortunately, the very few information messages issued by health authorities do not reach the vast majority of people living in rural areas. Indonesia as a reminder is the 4th largest population in the world. We are therefore talking about nearly one hundred million people who do not have access to information and who are people commonly called “High risk”.

Aim | Inform, learn, provide, care, love!


  • Inform the communities through small groups conferences on the virus’s spread and transmission,
  • Inform and advice on hygiene measures to adopt to control this spread,
  • Learn how to make homemade sanitiser,
  • Rice, Sugar, Eggs, Cooking oil, Potatoes / sweet potatoes, Carrot, Protein Products (tempeh or similar), Vegetable Noodles,
  • Provide sanitiser, soap, fresh materials, and vitamins,
  • Toddler Formula Milk 1-5 years,
  • Sanitary pads for girls and woman,
  • Vitamin / Herbal Supplement,
  • Provide knowledge and information on the virus and how to protect ourselves and others.

Output | The added value, the efficiency!


  • The communities will have a better understanding of the global situation and on the virus. Thanks to the head of villages who will assist in the conferences, the information will spread to a larger audience.
  • The people will learn how to make sanitiser and this knowledge will also spread and they will prepare their own at home.
  • People who are the most impacted on the economical level will have a supply of food and vitamins to help their immune system.
  • Misinformation will decrease and we will avoid misunderstanding which can lead to panic and paranoia.

How we will help effectively


  • Organise information sessions in small groups (head of villages) during which health information will be transmitted about the virus – they will spread the information to the community after the event;
  • Rumah Sanur communities will support the distribution information to the local residences trough “Banjar” and “Kelurahan” to get the right data of the local villager recipients;
  • Rumah Sanur Creative Hub will fully support the venue, giving us the place to organise the conferences and pick-up point area in Sanur (Denpasar);
  • Advice on the importance of good hygiene and good nutrition during the epidemic;
  • Provide sanitary tools: soap and sanitiser in Partnership with some Good Friends;
  • During these sessions, we will also learn how to make sanitiser in collaboration with our partners and teach the basic measures to adopt to slow the spread of the virus.
  • Distribute fruits, vegetables, rice and tempeh, rich in nutrients and vitamins to the population the most affected by Covid-19; collaborated with Good Friends (UD BOA and Teman Sayur) to supply the material (Rice, Vegetables, and Fruits) fresh from local farms to support economic activities;
  • Distribute brochures with all the information necessary to prevent the spread of the virus; social distance, handwashing, how to act in case of symptoms, utility and good utilisation of the mask;
  • Distribute brochures of information about real or fake news to avoid misinformation and panic.

The Good Friends how help us!

Many companies, friends and local businesses help us every day since the start of the first operation. Here is an exhaustive list.

  • UD. BOA
  • Teman Sayur
  • Misenio and Bali Asli
  • Bali Institute
  • Rumah Sanur Creative HUB
  • Proteina
  • Protemil
  • Ladang Lima
  • UD. BOA
  • Kunang Jewelry
  • B’Yon
  • Teman Sayur
  • KI Decoration
  • Uma Seminyak
  • Hard Rock Cafe Bali
  • Bale Bengong

Why | Because we are facing a humanitarian crisis!


  • The first issue is the lack of information regarding protection, hygiene measures and the fake news that circulates. We must, therefore, inform communities about the virus and how to protect ourselves while avoiding creating panic.
  • The second one is that a large part of the population in Indonesia and Bali live daily. They sell during the day so they can afford food at night. The coronavirus crisis is drastically dropping their sales and therefore they can no longer afford food.
  • We must all stand together in these special moments. This is why we will offer these “kits” and formation for free. It is just a drop of water in the ocean, but we hope it will inspire others to do the same.

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also!

You can find the project initiated by the Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia by clicking on the button below.

Read the informations brochure we have made for the public, in Bahasa Indonesia!
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