Act to offer solutions to help villages access to water!

Bringing them water is therefore essential to their lives, as malnutrition and infant mortality are highly due to the lack of water. It is also essential for safe food, cleaning wounds, hygiene in general or to avoid diseases and transmission. Water is just life!

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Bring Water For Life! Access to drinking water and sanitation is a human right.

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Bringing them water is therefore essential to their lives, as malnutrition and infant mortality are high due also to the lack of water. The installation of wells in a village radically changes the lives of people.

Therefore the foundation aims to provide access to reliable and 100% renewable access to water to villages on the driest part of the Sumba Island (East Sumba).


Malnutrition and infant mortality are high! The women are spared walking to the well sometimes far away. Imagine having to walk barefoot for hours in treacherous, dangerous terrain just for a glass of water.

During one of our visits, a woman said: “We do not have enough water to cook and we can not wash every day, once a week. I have to walk 12 km to the well and back, or I have to pay Rp.5k for a 5-litre water bottle, which will not last a day “.

Water offers a range of opportunities to diversify livelihoods such as processing fish to make dried meat, livestock production and irrigated agriculture for consumption and sale. There are also benefits to food security and the health of all.

Instead of spending Rp.5k per bottle of water for a day, villagers will now spend only Rp.10k or Rp.20k per month on well maintenance. People wash daily rather than once a week.


We propose to build a solar water pump. This sustainable project will guarantee the villages constant, effective and sustainable access to drinking water. The crowdfunding campaign online is about IDR. 65,000,000.- / $4,500.- for one full installation, and is calculated on the basis of known successful projects in the villages of Napu and Palanggai.

If another “access to water* project is realised, it will allow men, women and children to devote more time and energy to their education and their economy. With your help, we can help the people of a village in East Sumba, access clean water and save hours per day – imagine what this time saved could bring them on a socio-economic level. Together, we can contribute to easier access to clean water and help break the cycle of poverty.

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