Act to provide the electricity to villages that have never had!

The majority of families living in rural Sumba do not have access to electricity! Without electricity, the children can not do their homework after school, the families can not run a competitive business. With it, we can reduce poverty by driving the economy and improving children’s education !

The majority of families living in rural Sumba | Do not have access to electricity!

#ElectricityForAll #KawanBaikSumba #KawanBaikIndonesia #Act4FairFuture #FairFutureFoundation


The foundation aims to provide access to reliable and 100% renewable energy sources to several hundred families on the island of Sumba, ending their reliance on fossil fuels and supporting balanced economic development and gender activities.


Access to energy is very limited in rural areas of Indonesia, especially in remote islands. Sumba is one of the most remote and disadvantaged islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Without electricity, her children can not do their homework at night, and her families can not run competitive businesses. population. If these sources were fully harvested, they could be used to advance the local economy and reduce poverty on the island.


Simply by offering families solutions using solar energy, by installing a solar panel by family. This will provide electricity to illuminate a small local house, one or two bulbs. What gives children the opportunity to enlighten to study, when they come back from school and for families to develop their economic activities and thus increase their income.

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