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Make a donation for the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, the amount given will be shared equitably and used for all its actions in health, education or facilities improvement!

Make a donation for the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, the amount given will be shared equitably and used for all its actions.

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Kawan Baik was established by a group of close friends, who have common interests in volunteerism and humanity.

Yayasan Kawan Baik Indonesia (Kawan Baik) is an Indonesian medico-social foundation focusing on providing appropriate access for health and education services for disadvantaged people across the archipelago of Indonesia;

With their varied backgrounds and vast areas of expertise, the founders of Kawan Baik have agreed to join forces to assist people, who lack access to education and health services, due to severe geographical conditions and quite challenging access to their place of life;

What are they doing?

Kawan Baik concentrates its activities in the eastern part of Indonesia, particularly in Sumba Island, one of the outermost and disadvantaged islands in Indonesia that experience inequality in both physical and non-physical development. 

  • In the health sector, Kawan Baik particularly concerns on the issues related to nutrition, as well as women and children’s health, including sanitation and hygiene;
  • In the field of education, the foundation will mostly act on enhancing the capacity for school-age children through non-formal education, such as training and workshop;
  • It will also improve facilities that support learning activities, including libraries, reading centre, and classes that are established for specific objectives;
  • In addition, Kawan Baik will carry out efforts to help communities during emergency situations, such as natural disasters. Kawan Baik will be actively involved in disaster relief by focusing on health and education services.  And as you know, there are many natural disasters in this area.
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