Act to equip the villages of Sumba with a first aid kit!

Treating minor injuries prevents infections, blood diseases and other more serious complications. Learning these first gestures can really save lives and make everyday life much safer especially for kids!
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Provide basic medical care to all children who have no access to medical care, with one first aid kit per school!

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Hello Kawan-Kawan, des friends, madam, Sir, dear families,


Sumba East has a population of 252,704 people, 129,389 men and 123,315 women spread over an area of 7,000 km2. The population density is therefore 36 people per km2 (source: BPS Eastern Sumba 2017). The hilly terrain of the island makes it beautiful but is also an obstacle in several sectors; first, it makes access to care very difficult. Add to this the lack of trained medical personnel and adequate medical facilities.

One of the villages we visited includes a “Puskesmas” (Public health centre) open twice a month to provide basic care; the 8th day of the month for children, the 16th day for adults.

During our visit to collect the primary data, we encountered many injured children, especially on the feet because they walk barefoot most of the time whether it is to play or to go to school. These injuries go untreated, causing infections that lead to more serious medical problems later.

Children are not the only ones affected, teenagers and adults are also affected. For example, a young man from a neighbouring village was injured in a motorcycle accident. He returned home with a swollen foot and open leg, his family could not do anything because they are not aware of first aid care such as cleaning or disinfecting wounds. So, we intervened and treated him to avoid infection.

We are “Kawan Baik Indonesia”, with the support of the “Fair Future Foundation”, partner of “Friends in Eastern Sumba” and we want to give access to first aid to the people of Sumba. Provide them with first aid equipment and improve their knowledge of the first actions to take when facing injuries.

Aim of this program

Aim of this Medical Action?

As part of our actions in East Sumba, when the basic needs for access to basic health care are not met, we begin simple, effective actions. Learning to treat minor injuries not to become more serious injuries, raises the importance of awareness about first aid, before being taken to the hospital for professional doctors treatment.  When first aid kit can be accessed easily, ensure that the people around it are safe.

  1. Transmit skills and knowledge to the 40 teachers who will receive the first aid kits
  2. Highlight the importance of first aid before the patient is transferred to the hospital
  3. Provide access to first aid for children, in schools and in their villages

Why this program

Why this Action?

The foundation for years has to deal with complicated health situations, sometimes even extreme. The main reason is that access to medical care is impossible for 75% of the 750,000 inhabitants of Sumba. The lack of medical facilities, the difficulty of the Indonesian health system and the poverty of families are the main reasons for this finding.

How we will equip schools?

How will we equip Schools and Villages?

We will equip schools and common areas with a comprehensive pharmacy kit to treat the everyday woes and injuries that children experience on their way to school.

These first-aid kits (which will actually be small medical cabinets) will consist of disinfecting, dressing, changing a wound, cleaning a wound, making a tourniquet, cutting torn nails, and providing basic follow-up for all these children, who hurt themselves and who do not heal.

The foundation will offer the necessary teaching to local school teachers, who are very happy to be able to help the children and all those and all who will need it.

Output and Equipment

Output and Equipment

The 40 teachers will be able to subsequently train other people in this care;

Understanding and change in the management of minor injuries;

Access to basic healthcare facilitated for children and the local population;

We will, therefore, provide first aid kits for the treatment of minor injuries and follow-up. These kits will consist of disinfectant, solution for cleaning wounds, gauze, liniment and other essentials.

Here is the detail:

  1. Plasters in different size Gauze dressings
  2. Sterile eye dressing Triangular bandage Crêpe rolled bandage Safety pins Disposable sterile Gloves
  3. Medical tweezers Scissors
  4. Alcohol-free Cleansing wipes Sticky tape Thermometer
  5. Hydrocortisone / Calendula Cream Antiseptic Cream
  6. Paracetamol / Ibuprofen 125mg and 250mg
  7. Cough Syrup for the kids
  8. Distilled water for eyewash and eye bath
  9. Eye drop neutral PH (Visine®) Eye drop
  10. Vitamins (Caviplex®) for the kids’ Supplement (Imboost®) for adult Flea medicine
  11. Shampoo for Fleas Diarrhea medication
  12. etc…

Training, practice | Monitoring, evaluation

Training – Monitoring

First, we will do a theoretical teaching module on the use of the kits. Then we will pass to a practical part in collaboration with the medical personnel of Sumba and other volunteers from different fields of activity. In addition, we will also teach them how to deal with accidents during school activities, food poisoning, electrocution or minor burns.

  1. Before the training part, all the participant will pass a test to evaluate what they already know. After the training, they will pass another one to see the evolution of the capacities.
  2. We will also list the kits and where they will be placed in order to collect the school’s data and the kit verification photos to follow up.
  3. We will collect, as additional data, the number of the educator (proportion of women and men) who are involved in the project, their origin (which district, village). We will use the participation form which was completed before the training.
  4. We will follow the evolution every 6 months by communicating with the teachers concerning changes in habits in the treatment of injuries and the availability of kits (what is missing, what is used etc…)

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also!

This is a project initiated by the Kawan bail Indonesia Foundation. You will find below, documents and links to find out and talk about it
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