Support Vital Goods for people affected by the economic crisis!
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of children and workers as health systems are closed, borders are closed and schools and businesses are closed. As the coronavirus has spread, so too has misinformation, which fuels discrimination and stigma. Fair Future and Kawan Baik are very active in promoting facts rather than fear, providing reliable advice to those affected. We are on the ground in partnership with frontline workers and providing them with the information and resources they need to keep people healthy and learn, safe from illness and violence. We will succeed together, thanks to all of you.
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Pictures of Support Vital Goods for people affected by the economic crisis!

As before, we are equitably helping the people of Sumba and Bali | The 3rd step of our support program for people affected by the economic crisis is underway. A big project and we need you!

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After the first two programs, which have enabled us to distribute vital goods to more than 2,000 families, we are entering the third phase of this gigantic program aimed at providing for the needs of people and children. In and this sense, the foundation needs you! As before, we are helping people in Sumba and Bali.

Dear friends, dear Kawans, dear families,

Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Indonesia have distributed more than 2,000 “bags” of food, hygiene products, and information to the most impoverished communities in Sumba (NTT) and Bali since this pandemic and since the beginning of this economic and humanitarian crisis. As this situation evolves, needs change, life tries to get the upper hand, but the lack of food linked to the lack of income is more and more present, we see it every day.

We help people from the Eastern part of Indonesia!

Providing equal, equitable assistance to families in need living in Sumba, in the most remote and rural areas of Indonesia, requires another form of organisation. It’s much more complicated to get the goods there, but we figured it out, and we are happy to provide them with 200 bags filled with food and supplies in this chapter!

In eastern Indonesia, thousands of families are struggling or are in extreme difficulties to be able to live decently.

As part of our mission, we are helping the government meet the need for food supplies, as well as providing health products to help prevent and transmit the virus. Another role is to help and encourage activities, communities, and people to resume their activities so that they can provide for their basic needs during this humanitarian and economic crisis. We are helping the government meet the food needs of the people, as well as health products to help prevent and spread the virus.

Another role is to help and encourage activities, communities, and people to resume their activities so that they can provide for their basic needs during this humanitarian and economic crisis.

Diffable (different abilities) communities

In this third chapter, half of the beneficiary communities include people with diffabilities. They are among the most forgotten of this global crisis and have received very little, if any, help at all. Half of the donations will, therefore, go to these communities and meet their specific needs.

Woman Empowerment

We are happy to collaborate with Kunang Jewelry and ToKo Concept Store, as part of the Denpasar women’s prison. The foundation is deeply involved with women in prison to participate in the manufacture of masks. These will then be distributed to the population, in addition to the vital needs that we offer.

The program in 3 crucial points

Aims of this 3rd step or your program!


  • Help vulnerable groups in Denpasar women’s penitentiary to participate in the production of coronavirus prevention equipment in the form of layered cloth masks, safe and comfortable to use during activities;
  • Provide communities of women in Denpasar Penitentiary with opportunities to earn a small income by participating in the foundation’s programs;
  • Provide the communities of women of the Denpasar penitentiary with training and production opportunities, obtain technical assistance from us and therefore improve the number and quality of mask production;
  • Meet the basic needs in terms of nutrition and essential food products for the body, which will be consumed during the economic crisis, by the populations in need in Sumba and Bali;
  • Helping people with disabilities in Sumba and Bali, by providing them with products of first need for them, but also that meet their specific needs in the context of their place of life and their disability;
  • Provide health products, which will be used by workers in the tertiary sector, during their activities outside the home. Provide masks and hand sanitizers, for example;
  • Offer opportunities to participate as helpers and volunteers to all those who wish to participate in the social activities of #KawanBaikBerbagi;
  • Offer social opportunities to local catering businesses, who would like to offer meals to those who help us, to our volunteers. Encourage them to offer us fresh and healthy products which will be distributed as part of this 3rd action;
  • Support the local economy by buying groceries, vegetables from small local producers (micro-enterprises), in order to help them to continue their commercial activities, and therefore to be able to live; (according to the prerequisites of #KawanBaikBerbagi).

Output of this 3rd step or your program!


  • Empowerment of the women detained in Denpasar prison are involved with us in the fight against the pandemic, by making hundreds of protective masks themselves;
  • Confidence and self-esteem: The women detained thanks to this activity, receive an income which allows them too to meet their basic needs, in addition to the satisfaction of collaborating on an important project;
  • Improvement of living conditions: Provide healthy food, cleaning products, and sanitary napkins as well as various other things, including masks, soap, disinfectants. These products meet the needs of populations in need;
  • Aid for disabled people: A specific program dedicated to disabled people is specifically designed for them. Food, vital goods, hygiene products, vitamins. This action aims to include them as full members of the community, which goes without saying;
  • Public assistance: This program also targets workers in the tertiary sector, merchants and street workers, people who do not receive help from anyone for reasons of origin, all the neglected and those whom the government forgets and excluded;
  • Motivation and civic sense: Help people to make pace adjustments, encourage them to adapt their schedules, change their habits. The objective is ultimate, a gradual return to normal activities;
  • Participation in the collective effort: Implement means of personal protection, which allow everyone to come and help and participate in the “bagging”, vital goods and products of first need offered by the foundation, to these beneficiaries ;
  • Involvement of local companies: In cooperation with small local restaurants, provide lunch to volunteers during the activities.
    Also involve them in providing us with the healthiest food possible, cleaning and disinfection equipment, sanitary napkins.

Why we will help effectively


Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, but it also makes us happier and healthier. Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities, and helping to build a happier society for all. And it’s not just about the money – we can also donate our time, ideas and energy. So let make it all together.

We act because everything is to be done, to be created. We are talking about a new era for example. A disturbing term. A return to adapted normality where pleasure, security, and independence are the keywords. This is why this 3rd stage wants to be in every point different than the simple fact of distributing food.

We act because the basic needs of every human being, of every child, include that of eating, drinking, washing, fulfilling themselves, earning a living, accessing basic medical care … ensure and implement tools, so that they are accessible for the benefit of as many people as possible.

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also!

You can find the project and or more complete information, on this project initiated by Fair Fair Indonesia and Kawan Baik Indonesia, by clicking on one of the buttons below! Thank you so much.

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