People must have access to healthcare! We are far from this in here!

Act to for free healthcare in disadvantaged areas of Indonesia!

In Indonesia, 9.5 million children under five are malnourished and don’t have any access to healthcare. 12% of children under five years suffer from wasting. 57% in rural areas are anaemic and only 36% of children consume appropriate complementary food.
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Fundamental right to access healthcare | This is not common and not an acquired right!

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The foundation has been treating more than 38,000 patients a year since 2011.

Since the Foundation keeps medical and social statistics, we note that the numbers are increasing every year. From a few thousand to tens of thousands of patients now! All these data are in all cases submitted to the local health authorities for statistical purposes and especially to witness what happens. This confidential information concerns the types of patients we receive, diseases, social origins, ages, treatments administered, examinations carried out by our medical teams.

We are working on the development of sustainable actions, aimed at the concept of self-sufficiency.

We welcome and generally take care of comforting hundreds of patients at each medical event. We bring comfort, empathy and share moments to try to understand the issues of these people who often have nothing at all. Among them are newborns, many young children, many teenagers, young adults, pregnant women, ancient people, some of whom can no longer walk and are locked in unhygienic places.

In Indonesia, a huge number of poor people with jobs, however, remain vulnerable to a return to total destitution! Four (4) Indonesians are richer than one hundred (100) million of the poorest!

Everyone we meet every day, suffer from diseases and problems mainly related to fatigue, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, infections, skin diseases, untreated diabetes, infected wounds, many young children suffer respiratory infections, asthma, chronic bronchitis, vitamin deficiency. The list is very long, but every day we face new health problems.

The majority of the population and local communities do not have access to medical care, even if they are free. In Indonesia, over 90% of people do not have health insurance!

The main goal, the vision of the foundation is to treat people, to offer free medical care. As a whole, without any difference. Access to medical care in this huge country of 270 million people (4th world population) is not a right, but a privilege. We also ensure that the conditions of medical care correspond in all respects to those expected by the local population. Meant by that, we provide the bulk, not the superfluous that could be misunderstood by the local authorities.

Access to health care and medical care should not be just a matter of chance, but a right to which everyone should be equal.

Aim of this program!


The foundation provides free medical care and helps people in need access to this fundamental right, which is access to medical care and good health. Among them are newborns, many young children, many teenagers, young adults, pregnant women, ancient people, some of whom can no longer walk and are locked in unhygienic places.

Why this program?


Everywhere in Indonesia, the majority of people have no access to medical care, 90% of people don’t have health insurance. Indonesia’s health system is failing to provide even the most basic care to vast swathes of the population.

Many who can not afford doctor’s fees often receive no treatment at all, while the wealthy fly abroad for a check-up. The system is plagued by under-funding, decentralisation, lack of qualified staff, rising medical costs and outdated medical equipment.

9.5 million children under five are malnourished and don’t have any access to Health Care. More than 3 million (or 12%) of children under five years of age in Indonesia suffer from wasting. Almost two out of every three children under two years of age, (or 57%), in rural areas are anaemic. Only 42% of children aged less than six months are exclusively breastfed, and only 36% of children consume appropriate complementary food.

How can we do?


Since early 2011 in Indonesia, following our Ethical Code, the Fair Future Foundation have already cared & treated dozens of thousands poor, sick, disabled, disadvantaged human beings per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, colour.

The foundation also aims to improve the daily life of the local community in suffering, whether they are affected by a situation of social vulnerability, emotional or medical, or suffering from a disability. We just help people, we find the best solutions for them using what we do since 2010!

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also!

This is a project initiated since 2010 by the Fair Future Foundation. You will find below, documents and links to find out and talk about it
Kawans already donate for this cause on Action for Fair Future


Angel Samael

$50.00 May 10, 2020

Nicolas Gaultier

€500,00 February 1, 2020

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir enfin participer à notre niveau à vos actions aussi belles et engagées qu'elles soient.
Nous espérons… Read more

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir enfin participer à notre niveau à vos actions aussi belles et engagées qu'elles soient.
Nous espérons pouvoir faire un peu plus à chaque fois que nous le pourrons. Comme vous le dites si bien, 3 fois rien ça fait plus que rien du tout.


Véronique Chechin-Laurens

CHF 655.00 December 31, 2019

Sam Van Nevel

€50,01 December 31, 2019

Philippe Lautier

CHF 1 050.00 December 31, 2019

Suzanne Melber

CHF 354.00 December 26, 2019

Erica Fawer

CHF 250.00 December 23, 2019

Ayu and Alex Setia - Wettstein

CHF 103.61 December 16, 2019

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The Causes we highlight!

The foundation acts in favour of humans and humanity! It does this in a simple, authentic respecting everyone, making no difference!

End hunger and malnutrition, improve education systems, provide medical care to all who do not have access to it. Access to water and if possible, potable water and provide a light source so that children can study at home. Develop skills and self-confidence in order to create economic opportunities for a better future. Act in health crisis situations as we do for the Covid-19 pandemic by offering food resources, hygiene products, information for a healthier life and many other social, medical, environmental or educational themes.

When you donate for free health and medical care to the Fair Future Foundation, you are helping a small part of our world survive and thrive.

The Fair Future Foundation Switzerland / Indonesia

The News about all activities!

News from the Foundation and all of our Kawans activities!

We are happy to explain to you how we work what happens in the context of our actions too. More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, the foundation continues to develop projects with humanitarian goals, positive and virtuous. In these troubled times, we are working hard against Covid-19. We are concretely with those who have problems and bring them what to eat, what to take care of them! Let us be stronger together!

We, therefore, hope that our Quick News will be interesting. If you too would like to participate in writing a short story, then send us an email here and we will be happy to publish you.

The Fair Future Foundation Switzerland / Indonesia

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