The home of socio-medical actions in Kambera

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Rumah Kamber is much more than a house, it is a big program

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Rumah Kambera, to help teachers in rural schools, to improve their working conditions, their continuing training, to have more teaching materials and therefore, to give a better education to the kids...

Rumah Kambera to provide sustainable solutions, so that every family or village in rural areas can access a source of water to drink, wash, cook, grow vegetables and ensure good health for children...

Rumah Kambera to coordinate our programs of access to medical care, basic medical care and those of first emergencies, in favour of the ultra-peripheral communities who do not have access to it...

Rumah Kambera in order to create permaculture-type gardens in villages in rural areas, to allow families to eat healthily independently, but also to sell the products they have produced, to increase their income...

Rumah Kambera to find bringing healthy food in normal quantities to families, children in rural villages, who do not have enough and who fall ill due to serious and common nutritional deficiencies...

Who are the ones who donated for the Social Center in Sumba?

Anonymous User

Didier Perrin

CHF 1 000.00 December 7, 2020
Anonymous User

Olivier Wyssmuller

CHF 500.00 December 5, 2020
Anonymous User

Chloé Capelli

CHF 60.00 December 3, 2020
Anonymous User

Suzanne Melber

CHF 29.00 December 2, 2020
Anonymous User


CHF 1 000.00 November 26, 2020
Anonymous User


CHF 100.00 November 13, 2020