Our Mission, creating change by helping people in need. This is our main goal!

The mission of the foundation and Action for Fair Future!

The aim of the foundation is the development, creation and implementation of projects, international humanitarian actions related to education, training and care for people in disadvantaged countries.

Its missions include:

  • To provide for the basic needs of the most disadvantaged children in terms of food, housing, healthcare access and medical follow-up, prevention of illnesses, consequences of accidents, assistance for social and emotional development, in particular towards less favoured groups and individuals;
  • To help children build their future in terms of schooling, learning, teaching foreign languages, professional training useful for their environment and their place of life;
  • To support women and girls in their health and fundamental rights, particularly in the context of so-called “forced” marriages, learning about the reproductive system and pregnancy;
  • To work in the context of so-called “emergency” actions, such as: Care for children in danger, abandoned children, street children and victims of various forms of trafficking;
  • To provide support for families in priority difficulties after a natural disaster, a shortage of water, food, or who suffer from a pandemic or epidemic;
  • To develop a micro-credit solution, leading to the allocation of small loans to entrepreneurs or artisans. The latter can not access conventional bank loans. This makes it possible to realize micro-projects, thus promoting activity and the creation of wealth.
  • To overcome the problems of access to education in rural and disadvantaged areas;
  • To provide access to a source of drinking water, by developing projects for the construction of wells (for example), water tanks and rainwater harvesting. This is to ensure a healthy life, to fight malnutrition and infant mortality due to lack of water.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and your great support.

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The News about all activities!

News from the Foundation and all of our Kawans activities!

We are happy to explain to you how we work what happens in the context of our actions too. More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, the foundation continues to develop projects with humanitarian goals, positive and virtuous. In these troubled times, we are working hard against Covid-19. We are concretely with those who have problems and bring them what to eat, what to take care of them! Let us be stronger together!

We, therefore, hope that our Quick News will be interesting. If you too would like to participate in writing a short story, then send us an email here and we will be happy to publish you.

The Fair Future Foundation Switzerland / Indonesia