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Call for support | For cancerous, orphaned children and their family

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 21, 2020
After chapter I & II of COVID-19 Community Care, we are doing one other round of distribution. We need all...
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The Fair Future Foundation | We have legalised our representation in Indonesia!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 15, 2020
May 14th, 20, is a great day for the Swiss foundation. We signed the act of incorporation of the Fair...
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Covid19 – Map | The actions locations for the Community Care Program!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 14, 2020
No work, no money | How self-isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic punishes the poor in Indonesia! See our Action Map...
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A word from the Founder | We live a real humanitarian and food crisis!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 6, 2020
Because new pathogens are emerging, because access to water, electricity, medical care, knowledge or a low income, without forgetting climate...
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Today we prepare | 200 new Bags for a better life in our Base Camp!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 4, 2020
Today, we have prepared over 200 "bags for life" with our friends, these volunteers who came to help us, the...
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Taufik can no longer eat | A representative example of the food crisis!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 2, 2020
A few days ago, we met a walking plastic trash seller. His name is Taufik. He no longer sells anything!...
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Covid-19 Sumba | We have sent lots of goods for our Sumba kids!

By Alex Wettstein  /  May 1, 2020
We have sent a few hundred kilos of material, dry and healthy food, masks, hand sanitiser and many other things...
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Covid-19 Community Care | The day of tomorrow will be great!

By Alex Wettstein  /  April 30, 2020
Tomorrow will be a great and beautiful day. We have many of these days since we started this program aimed...
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Help 65 children | From 8 years old, to go back to school!

By Alex Wettstein  /  April 30, 2020
Our in Sumba was totally destroyed by a storm. We'll start to rebuild in May 2020, as 65 kids don't...
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Covid-19 Outbreak | Take Action for the affected people!

By Alex Wettstein  /  April 30, 2020
Free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected by Covid-19 outbreak. Step One done! now step 2!
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Act for Sumba Photo Stories | A Trigger for socio-medical actions!

By Alex Wettstein  /  April 30, 2020
A unique approach to defining needs, socio-culture conditions. A project made by kids for their environment, including identifying problems and...
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Act to for free healthcare | In disadvantaged areas of Indonesia!

By Alex Wettstein  /  April 30, 2020
The fundamental right to access to healthcare is not an acquired right! Majority of people have no access to medical...
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We are happy to explain to you how we work what happens in the context of our actions too. More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, the foundation continues to develop projects with humanitarian goals, positive and virtuous. In these troubled times, we are working hard against Covid-19. We are concretely with those who have problems and bring them what to eat, what to take care of them! Let us be stronger together!

We, therefore, hope that our Quick News will be interesting. If you too would like to participate in writing a short story, then send us an email here and we will be happy to publish you.

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