A word from the Founder | We live a real humanitarian and food crisis!
Fair Future Indonesia - May 06, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Because new pathogens are emerging, because access to water, electricity, medical care, knowledge or a low income, without forgetting climate change, create movements and concentrations of particularly vulnerable populations!

Hello everyone! dear Madam, dear Sir, dear families,

Because new pathogens are emerging, because access to water, electricity, medical care, knowledge or a very low income, without forgetting climate change, create movements and concentrations of particularly vulnerable populations. You live it, the infectious threat and it’s epidemic – pandemic risks have never been so present and have an extraordinary impact on our economy, on our way of living, kissing, smiling, sharing simply together!

Developing countries like Indonesia are the main victims. Families here pay a heavy price; they don’t eat anymore! No one helps them except NGOs like ours, which do a gigantic job.
Yes, we are living in a real humanitarian crisis here. People migrate, they leave the region where they carried out a lucrative activity to return to their villages by taking the essentials and leaving behind their regrets and their goods.

With almost 15 years of activity in the humanitarian field, the Swiss Fair Future Foundation is now embarking on a new dynamic of intervention. The foundation has chosen to strengthen the autonomy of vulnerable people, to give them the opportunity to have a better life, a healthier life, to access knowledge in order to develop their economy!

This by using new methods involving the communities and beneficiaries in each of our activities. Thus, they become actors, directors of the changes they decide to implement, with the help of our Foundation and its partners! It’s innovative, it’s interesting, and we’re all learning a lot from each other now.

So the elderly, the sick, the vulnerable, women and children have always been one of our priorities in medical care, but now we include them in all aspects of their lives.

By delivering precise and rapid information, as close as possible to the populations living in rural regions, our work makes it possible to better recognise the shortcomings, to track them down, to direct people towards solutions which will allow them to live, to earn a little more, to access knowledge, light to study, drinking water and basic care. Our mission to fight the Covid-19 goes, however, integrating into a necessary global vision of the help we can offer to those who can no longer eat or take care of their loved ones!

Because we cannot remain insensitive to the realities on the ground, to the crises that are multiplying, we have chosen to broaden our interventions. So, for a few years now, we have been developing an approach that goes beyond the mere fact of “providing solutions” in order to help the most vulnerable, mother and child: Accommodation, physical protection, food security, water and the environment, education, socio-economic support, etc.

What we have been doing in Indonesia for several years and today in the Eastern Territories with the help of our partners shows that we must remain open and pragmatic in an environment of uncertainty. We must constantly adapt to keep our action as effective as possible and always favour network dynamics.

Our world is extraordinarily complex and increasingly harsh, but we know we can count on the commitment and generosity of women and men ready to mobilise to rebuild and restore hope.

Alexandre Wettstein – President, CEO, founder, volunteer of the Fair Future Foundation


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