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Fair Future Indonesia - Kawan Baik Indonesia | June 11, 2020/ Kawan Ayu and Kawan Gogon

Hello Kawan’s, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

Yayasan Kawan Baik Indonesia, Fair Future Indonesia and Rumah Sanur Creative cooperate during this Pandemic in theCOVID-19 Community Care“, since the beginning of March 2020 to provide healthy food, vitamins, masks and hand-sanitiser for the communities in Bali.

On April 3rd, Indonesia released two regulations, government regulation and a Health Ministry regulation, to pave the way for restrictions of community activities (PKM), the island’s equivalent to partial lockdown. These particular orders require offices, schools, markets, places of worship and public spaces to closed. Therefore, we found-raised to provide the goods and volunteering programs to help us make the “goodie bags”, masks and hand-sanitiser.

Toward the transitional normality period, we realised that the communities still need supplies of the healthy foods, soap, hand-sanitiser and vitamins.

In early June, the new rules allow businesses, including warungs, restaurants, shopping malls, traditional markets and grocery stores, to continue working.
The other socio-economic activities meanwhile operate almost as usually.

What makes this economic recovery possible is that people are must wear a mask to go out on the street or at work. This while maintaining a safe distance between them.

As foundations, we take our part to provide information, helps and lead communities to keep generally running with activities within this new situation. We involve vulnerable populations to participate in our duty in this period. Particularly among women, personal initiatives are as valuable as common ones, in response to women’s specific vulnerabilities.

During the COVID-19 outbreak the prisoners not allowed to have visitor, practically for three months being locked down for them. Another partner who support the CCC project, Kunang Jewellery and ToKo Concept Store come with us to engage the women in prisons.

By manufacturing 600 masks for our next CCC project, we are offering the prison community the opportunity to be an active player in the fight against the Pandemic. It is also gratifying for them and a good thing that they can do in prison. We bring them all the material used to make these 600 masks. We assist them in how to produce the masks in comfortable and neat and thus offer them an opportunity for work, occupation and income.

Women prisoners are also a new companion to producing protective gear such as mask to fulfil demand in the next of COVID-19 Community Care (Kawan Baik Berbagi).

We met Mrs Lili, the Kerobokan’s prison governor. She and her staff welcomed us very well. Mrs Lili tells us that the responsibilities are way more substantial than when she worked at the Directorate General of Corrections in Jakarta:

Mrs Lili said: “-Obviously, it is difficult here! My experience at the head office is my resource. So, since I have been here, I have done everything to find new and numerous collaborators, to engage them to do activities with us all here at the prison. ” It also changes public perspectives and perceptions regarding negative biases. We must always find activities and new values! Positive things. We must find something to highlight their personal abilities when entering prison. To offer them capacities to improve according to their own experiences. This is to offer them a background in terms of confidence, skills and knowledge acquired during their stay in prison. The vast majority of women here are convicted of drug-related offences. Consequently, one must find one or more adequate means in order to offer them tools aimed at developing new tools for their future life; this of course in order to open the doors to a new world for them!”.

The prison supplies rehabilitation programs to the prisoner as follow:

  • Cooking courses,
  • Handicraft courses,
  • Sewing courses,
  • Salon& Spa education, and massage courses,
  • Planting program,
  • Hospitality management courses,

For all of us at the Foundation, this is the first time that we have visited a prison, which is also an active and overcrowded prison! It is very far from what we imagined. Great sanitary, beautiful garden and painting, adorable staff with great humility. Ms. Lili said that the prison was as beautiful as a woman. She also wants to show another vision of the prison and its prisoners. Lili and all those met were delighted to be part of the “COVID-19 combatants” with their ability to make masks.

During the project we will be visiting them in several times, the goals of the training itself not only to coaching the production of the masks but also educated them how to improve the standard quality to add the value of the goods.

We need to gather and duplicate whatever is valuable and bring in persons to impart and interpret information and share experiences. If this operation is successful, we think it can be useful. Would only be to demonstrate to civil society, the importance of mentoring their residents, offering them a certain quality of life, opportunities for enriching activities and a little hope for their future.

The nation’s prisons warehouse countless numbers of people who refuse to settle for passivity. This point is an essential reason to remember. People entering and leaving the prison live a renewed phase of community activism to assert their leadership in this restricted environment.

Thank you very much Kawan for your interested, your help and benevolence.

Kawan Ayu, Kawan Gogon.

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Mask manufacturing by the woman prison community!

Apa yang mereka katakan di film ini?

Tempat Kunjungan/Besukan Lapas Perempuan Kelas IIA Denpasar

Ibu Lili, Kepala Lapas Perempuan Kelas IIA Denpasar

  • Siapapun yang bisa kesini
    ini seperti kayak Bedugul di Lapas Perempuan
    Iya ini menginspirasi bahwa, ini lho biarpun penjara
    tetapi kami juga bisa cantik
    lapas kami juga bukan (tidak) menyeramkan

Ayu, Yayasan Kawan Baik Indonesia

Bu, tidak keberatan ya kalau misalnya didatangi

Ibu Lili, Kepala Lapas Perempuan Kelas IIA Denpasar

senang sekali apalagi memesan di lapas kami
kreativitas apapun bukan masker saja
selain itu apa mungkin menjahit baju APD warga binaan kami sudah terlatih
mereka sudah kita latih untuk kerjasama dengan BLK
ada pelatihan menjahit, memasak, jadi kita didalam pembinaannya sudah cukup

“Kawan Baik Indonesia: Kawan Ayu, Kawan Gogon – The 11.06.2020”

What are they saying in this movie?

Place of Visit of Women’s Prison IIA Class Denpasar

Mrs. Lili, Head of the Women’s Prison Class IIA Denpasar

Anyone who can come here
it’s like Bedugul in the Women’s Prison
Yes this inspires that … this is even though you are in prison
but we can also be beautiful
our prison is not (not) scary either

Ayu, Yayasan Kawan Baik Indonesia

Ma’am, do you mind if this place is visited?

Mrs. Lili, Head of the Women’s Lapas Class IIA Denpasar

we are very happy especially when guests order in our prison
any creativity is not just a face mask
besides that we can sew PPE clothes, our fostered residents have been trained
we have trained them to collaborate with BLK
there is training in sewing, cooking,
so our assistance to prison residents is good enough

“Kawan Baik Indonesia: Kawan Ayu, Kawan Gogon – The 11.06.2020”

 Support us online here kawan!

Thank you so much for your help and your benevolences Kawans!

Dear friends, dear family, dear Madam and Sir,

Thanks to all of you and since March 2020, as part of stages #1 and #2 of our Covid-19 Community Care Program, the foundation has raised more than $ 23,000 which has been used to help more than 2,000 families. It is an extraordinary result and we are proud to have had you all with us!

We are entering the third phase of this gigantic program aimed at providing for the needs of people and children. In and this sense, the foundation needs you! As before, we are helping people in Sumba and Bali and you can continue to support us

You can support us for this big program here Kawan

The program in 3 crucial points

Aims of this 3rd step or your program!


  • Help vulnerable groups in Denpasar women’s penitentiary to participate in the production of coronavirus prevention equipment in the form of layered cloth masks, safe and comfortable to use during activities;
  • Provide communities of women in Denpasar Penitentiary with opportunities to earn a small income by participating in the foundation’s programs;
  • Provide the communities of women of the Denpasar penitentiary with training and production opportunities, obtain technical assistance from us and therefore improve the number and quality of mask production;
  • Meet the basic needs in terms of nutrition and essential food products for the body, which will be consumed during the economic crisis, by the populations in need in Sumba and Bali;
  • Helping people with disabilities in Sumba and Bali, by providing them with products of first need for them, but also that meet their specific needs in the context of their place of life and their disability;
  • Provide health products, which will be used by workers in the tertiary sector, during their activities outside the home. Provide masks and hand sanitizers, for example;
  • Offer opportunities to participate as helpers and volunteers to all those who wish to participate in the social activities of #KawanBaikBerbagi;
  • Offer social opportunities to local catering businesses, who would like to offer meals to those who help us, to our volunteers. Encourage them to offer us fresh and healthy products which will be distributed as part of this 3rd action;
  • Support the local economy by buying groceries, vegetables from small local producers (micro-enterprises), in order to help them to continue their commercial activities, and therefore to be able to live; (according to the prerequisites of #KawanBaikBerbagi).

Output of this 3rd step or your program!


  • Empowerment of the women detained in Denpasar prison are involved with us in the fight against the pandemic, by making hundreds of protective masks themselves;
  • Confidence and self-esteem: The women detained thanks to this activity, receive an income which allows them too to meet their basic needs, in addition to the satisfaction of collaborating on an important project;
  • Improvement of living conditions: Provide healthy food, cleaning products, and sanitary napkins as well as various other things, including masks, soap, disinfectants. These products meet the needs of populations in need;
  • Aid for disabled people: A specific program dedicated to disabled people is specifically designed for them. Food, vital goods, hygiene products, vitamins. This action aims to include them as full members of the community, which goes without saying;
  • Public assistance: This program also targets workers in the tertiary sector, merchants and street workers, people who do not receive help from anyone for reasons of origin, all the neglected and those whom the government forgets and excluded;
  • Motivation and civic sense: Help people to make pace adjustments, encourage them to adapt their schedules, change their habits. The objective is ultimate, a gradual return to normal activities;
  • Participation in the collective effort: Implement means of personal protection, which allow everyone to come and help and participate in the “bagging”, vital goods and products of first need offered by the foundation, to these beneficiaries ;
  • Involvement of local companies: In cooperation with small local restaurants, provide lunch to volunteers during the activities.
    Also involve them in providing us with the healthiest food possible, cleaning and disinfection equipment, sanitary napkins.

Why we will help effectively


Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, but it also makes us happier and healthier. Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities, and helping to build a happier society for all. And it’s not just about the money – we can also donate our time, ideas and energy. So let make it all together.

We act because everything is to be done, to be created. We are talking about a new era for example. A disturbing term. A return to adapted normality where pleasure, security, and independence are the keywords. This is why this 3rd stage wants to be in every point different than the simple fact of distributing food.

We act because the basic needs of every human being, of every child, include that of eating, drinking, washing, fulfilling themselves, earning a living, accessing basic medical care … ensure and implement tools, so that they are accessible for the benefit of as many people as possible.

You can find the project initiated by the Fair Future Indonesia and Kawan Baik Indonesia by clicking on the orange button below

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