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All Good friends against poverty

A unique project. The definition of the problems by the children, in an artistic way!

Act for Sumba Photo Stories. Trigger for socio-medical actions!

What is the most urgent, the biggest problem? You just have to ask them. Thanks to this photo project, the children describe to us through their images, the difficulties of their daily lives. Another approach to defining needs, describe the socio-culture conditions. A project made by children for their environment! We just have to watch and listen.
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Another approach to defining needs, describe the socio-culture conditions | A project made by children for their environment!

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Hello Kawan’s, how are you? Welcome to the Sumba Photo Stories Crowdfunding Project page!

Let’s start by the Background

As Kawan Baik aims to contribute to the development in disadvantaged areas, we need to map out the most pressing issues in every area where we work. Nevertheless, it is sometimes a difficult process to define what the real problems are, to decide what should be prioritised, and to find the most effective method to solve the problems.

Therefore, we initiate a photography project, through which we attempt to do the process in a creative way by engaging local children and understanding the problems through their perspective.

Sumba Photo Project is one of our brainchild’s. In this project, we will teach local children about photography, including how to use a camera, take photos with good angle and composition, and subsequently making good stories out of their photos.

A trigger for social actions, improvement of living conditions, education, health and better living. This through the eyes of children! Adults will then see what they really miss!

We will lend them cameras and let them take pictures of anything in their surroundings as we continue to hone their photography skills through a series of training. The photos are expected to capture real problems in their environment, which are interpreted through the children’s genuine point of view.

The project will be conducted in three phases: training/workshop, exposition, as well as evaluation, and action plans.

Training and Workshop


The first phase of the project is to organise training with three groups of ten children from Sumba and to teach them how to use a camera. The children will take the camera with them and capture the moments of their life, places they go to, their home, their loved ones, the food they eat, and everything around them.

Children will have the opportunity to explore their village, to express themselves, to discover and analyze things around them with a new perspective.

In this phase, the children should be encouraged to make a story from the pictures they have taken and present it in front of others. This phase will teach them how to be confident by creating a narration about anything in their environment that they have captured on camera and being courageous enough to speak up about it.

There are many benefits of conducting this project: First, by participating in this project, they will be encouraged to do something new, which changes their day-to-day habits. They will learn and develop new skills. From an educational point, this is a real chance for them to progress.

Secondly, some of them might develop or demonstrate a real interest in art and photography, and they may want to continue learning after the project. This is a good thing that we will further take into consideration. Education is, of course, the most important, but art is also a very good way to learn and to develop other parts of the brain.

Exhibition and Expos

Exhibitions and Expos!

After the children complete their tasks, the next thing to do is to collect all the pictures and organise an exposition to bring their works to public notice. As the highlighted phase of this project, we hope that the exposition will let the broader community outside the island seeing the works of the children and being aware of their life condition.

In addition, the exposition is a good way to inform people about this project as a kind of ‘cultural events’, because people are usually more receptive on attending those kinds of events rather than simply receiving notification through emails. They will see for themselves the works of the children and the foundation, thus making them in a better disposition to donate some money for the foundation.

Evaluation and Action Plan

Evaluation and Action Plan

The third phase of this photo project is to evaluate and making plans of action to carry out the programs of Kawan Baik, based on the lessons learned during the project.

For Kawan Baik, this photo project is the opportunity to understand the difficulties from the point of view of the children. By evaluating the works of the children, as well as the results of the training and the exposition, we can outline the most important and urgent things to work on. In that sense, it becomes possible to put priorities on the projects that we want to develop in the future.

Population & Beneficiaries

Population and Beneficiaries

Kahaungu Eti District has a total population of 8,909* people, consisting of 4,522 men and 4,387 women, with an area of 475.1 hectares. The population density is 18.75 km2.

In this photography project, Kawan Baik is targeting to invite 30 children from two or three villages in Kahaungu Eti District. They will take part in training and exposition. In addition to the participants, there are also other direct beneficiaries of this project, including local guide, local trainer, the teachers, local children from the villages who also interested to learn about photography, and also local population being involved in our programs.

Other beneficiaries in this project include the locals who will get new information about social, cultural, education and health in Sumba, especially in Kahaungu Eti village through social media and websites of Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and the Fair Future Foundation, as well as other supporting partners (500 people).

In addition, this project will also benefit the population who get new information about social, cultural, education and health in Sumba, especially in the village of Kahaungu Eti (300 people), through a series of photo exhibitions. This will be the first step for us to be able to engage more people in helping two main programs of Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, consisting of Kawan Pintar (Smart Friends) and Kawan Sehat (Health Friends) in East Sumba.

  • Through our main target of 30 children joining the photography training, we aim to bring a great impact to formal schools, as well as the residential and public environment.
  • They are free to take pictures of their surroundings with our technical guidance and concept. Our team will then curate their artwork, in order to make the photos feasible as a medium to share knowledge about the importance of nutrition, hygiene, health, and education to the wider community.
  • The goal is clearly defined as being purely social, stemming from socio-medical awareness, triggers of revelatory actions as stipulated in the organisational description of the foundation, such as women’s health, health deficiencies in children and nutrition improvement, education, reading, and learning, etc.
    *(Source of the Central Statistics Agency: East Sumba in Figures 2018)

The resources Team on site!

Resources Team – Meet all Kawans here

Novi Tri Mujahidin a.k.a Gogon

He is a visual worker. He handles projects in several fields related to the visual world. With a specialisation in graphic design and photography, he possesses a good ability in the management of art exhibition, focusing on the space display concept.

Gogon is interested in the world of educational volunteers, with a two-year experience in Sumba when he was engaged in foundation projects for community assistance as the documentary project, as well as a facilitator for the project assistant of #PhotoVoiceSumba children photography program. He was involved in the program since the beginning of the selection until the design concept for the exhibitions, in both small and large scale in Sumba and Jakarta.

Nofi Kristanti Ndruru

Having a background in the field of Geography Education, Nofi has developed herself into many activities and communities related to the realm of education, social, and environment. In addition to her interests in community development activities, Nofi is a writer, who has contributed articles to newspapers and online blogs. She has even put her creativity into some books.

In East Sumba, Nofi has been engaged in many activities to increase child and youth’s literacy, as well as women’s rights. Her contribution has resulted in the establishment of some reading spaces. On some occasions, she also organised training in writing and photography.

Her experiences of becoming a teacher in formal schools keep encouraging her to always be an educator in wider society or informal institutions. To educate and being educated is her way to spread kindness and be meaningful for society, as well as for a better environment and generation.


Vifick is a visual storyteller. The photograph is his language, he works on personal projects with photo essays and travel story output. He is interested in human issues, cultures, social, environment, anthropology, and contemporary issues, which fascinate his mind.

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer a bright future to many people and their families, communities also! You’re magic and we love you very much Kawan’s!

You can find the project and or more complete information, on this project initiated by Fair Fair Indonesia and Kawan Baik Indonesia, by clicking on one of the buttons below! Thank you so much.

Kawans already donate for this cause!


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