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Rebuild Mbinu Dita School with us!


Mbinundita – Survey, January 2020

#BangunMbinuNdita #BangunMbinuDita #KawanBaikSumba #KawanBaikIndonesia #Act4fairfuturen

by Alexandre Wettstein
Copyright © all right reserved 2020 - February 07, 2020 - Photo by Kawan Vifick from Kawan Baik Indonesia

Photos taken in January 2020 – Mbinundita rebuilding – The 1st survey on the site in East Sumba

$26,980 of $42,780 raised

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We start to rebuild in February 2020 and launching in March 2020!

The school we are looking after in Mbinundita (Sumba East) was completely destroyed by a storm on December 18, 2019. The Foundation, therefore, undertook to rebuild it before the end of March 2020. More than 50 children from this very remote area, have no more school and we all cry, simply because it is a real drama for this whole rural community, which lives without direct access to water and without electricity. We took this school under our wing in November 2019, touched by the poverty and the kindness of this extraordinary population.

Before the storm, this school consisted of two classrooms (1st and 2nd year), perched on the top of a hill. This school also has no water, no electricity. These children don’t have enough to eat and now, no more school!

The people have absolutely no money to rebuild it. This small school structure was built because these kids live far too far from the nearest primary school, located more than 8 kilometres away by foot. The school before were very simple with split bamboo walls, black sand floors with a tin roof and reeds.

The school to be constructed will use Superior House Instant Panel System (RUSPIN), it’s a prefabricated frame housing technology using a bolt connection system. RUSPIN is the development of RISHA technology. This technology is suitable to be applied in almost all regions of Indonesia, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

By reconstructing a new school, the Foundation offers the continuity of educational activity in Mbinundita. Consequently, these children aged 8 to 10 years old can return to school. This village is located about 2.5 hours by car from the bigger city of Sumba. This population is far from any form of civilization. It is essential for them that the school can be rebuilt as soon as possible!


  • Rebuild a building as well as an “art class”, teachers’ room, toilets. All in a permanent, solid, simple and practical building;
  • Provide 20/30 sets of school tables and chairs, which will be used in classrooms;
  • Build appropriate toilets for children;
  • Install solar panels to provide electricity to the school;
  • Install a water tank to collect rainwater, for clean water supplies;
  • Acquire the books and textbooks for the K-13 elementary study programs and the teaching tools based on levels 1 and 2.


  • Building a new school also means improving what previously existed. By also improving the quality of school facilities, the foundation will improve safety, health and learning behaviours;
  • Offer new possibilities for continuous learning programs, with the new facilities, the new school, and the new tools that will take place there;
  • Develop the enthusiasm of children to learn in joy and safety at school thanks to the new school;
  • Provide access to adequate sanitation facilities at the school.
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