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A suitable vehicle for its socio-medical activities in rural and outermost areas

A car to allow us to safely access the most remote places
In the most inaccessible territories, live thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs in order to ensure them a healthier life, or basic medical care, access to drinking water so as not to be ill, or a source of light in order to read or study for children. This will also and above all allow us to provide medical care and take the children or even a doctor or a dentist in the nearest town which is more than hours away from where the foundation is active. A vehicle will allow the foundation to be able to get there by bringing equipment and this in safety for our volunteers and specialized collaborators.
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Keep our feet on the ground and respect what is most important!
  • Buying a vehicle is a huge investment for a small organization like ours;
  • We are proud to involve 93% of the donations received within the framework of our actions, our programs carried out in the field;
  • Work carried out thanks to men and women, in favour of humans;
  • A vehicle will allow us to help more, to go where no one sees or can go;
  • The foundation goes to these places every day;
  • To date, the foundation does not have the means to buy a vehicle because it focuses on expenses for people and no for logistical goods;
  • But we are also aware that a vehicle will help us help more people, and also save a lot: Time, money.
Why go to rural and outermost areas of Indonesia?
Living in rural areas means for all of these children and hundreds of thousands of others this:

  • People have no income for their families, 80% of them do not have access to water or electricity;
  • Bring healthy food because theirs consists of rice, a little salt, chopped peppers and that’s it;
  • Provide sanitation solutions because they do not have access to toilets or any other form of sanitation as we know them;
  • Bring clothes, shoes for example. Going to school is often a 5-10 kilometre walk a day through hills, on stony paths, with no shoes for the kids;
  • To go on-site to care a wound, treat a disease because they do not have access to medical care, even the most basic;
  • Build schools in remote places because access to knowledge is one of the essential elements for a better future for a child in these outermost regions;
  • Take a child or sick person to the dentist, to the hospital, to the doctor. Without an appropriate car, it’s impossible to get there and they can live a lifetime without going to the nearest town;
Ecology is a preponderant element in all our actions
  • The foundation also wishes to respect the environment and always acts by taking into account the implications of its own decisions on the eco-system, so important for the planet.
  • But we must also face the facts. For economic, security and above all logistical reasons, the foundation can no longer do without a vehicle;
  • It is not possible for us to bring several hundred kilos of socio-educational material, medical, solar panels, water pump by scooter in the most inaccessible regions;
  • It is dangerous and very expensive.
Who is the foundation addressing with this request?
This request is addressed to all those who wish to help us go where no one is going.

  • Car manufacturers;
  • Agencies that represent vehicle brands;
  • Specialised organisations;
  • Mechanical workshops;
  • The governments in particular that of Switzerland;
  • And everyone who understands this need;
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This is why the foundation absolutely needs a car, can you help?

for sure For several years now, the Fair Future Foundation has been offering solutions for access to education, medical care, water, electricity, built schools or clinics in the most remote and difficult to access places of this country, which is Indonesia.

…For nearly a year also, our teams and specialists have tried to do without a suitable vehicle either by using scooters or by renting trucks or off-road cars. Today, the foundation has made the decision to acquire his proper vehicle so that it can increase its logistical resilience, the safety of its staff and the responses to the problems experienced by the communities of these ultra-peripheral and very rural areas. 

In order to ensure the continuity of the entire socio-medical and educational program carried out by the foundation in rural areas, the Swiss foundation, its legal representation in Indonesia and its teams on site ask you to help it so that it can acquire a vehicle suitable for where we do our work for humans and humanity.


What are the reasons that motivate us today to equip ourselves with a vehicle adapted to local and geographical situations?

  1. To Increase our logistical and human resilience and no longer have to search for hours for a means of transporting food, essential goods for our activities on the sites;
  2. To transport the suffering, especially children from rural villages do not have access to medical care. In an emergency, we must regularly organize a visit to one of the few specialist doctors in the City, sometimes more than 5 hours away;
  3. To reduce travel times because the sites on which we are involved are very far from each other, notably from our Base Camp located in Waingapu;
  4. To be able to work and develop projects carried out in the territories of the East (East Sumba) by the Fair Future Foundation Indonesia in a more logical and efficient way;
  5. To allow us to reach remote villages, using the only roads to reach them. Stony, muddy, steep paths flooded in the rainy season;
  6. In order to avoid us having to use two wheels to move around these rural and poor areas, preventing us from transporting material and equipment;
  7. To be able to project ourselves into the development of projects in terms of logistics above all. Because owning our own vehicle is the best option given our involvement for years in Indonesia and the foundation’s activities in East Sumba;
  8. To no longer have to rent vehicles and private drivers. The sites our staff have to visit most of the time every day involve several hours of travel in the vehicles we hire;
  9. To ensure the safety of our teams in the field because many of our employees have already fallen and been injured while using their scooters;
  10. To save money on the internal travel budget of our medico-social teams. The latter so far is too important and therefore we have to find a long term solution;
  11. In order to feel freer, to gain independence, to be able to concentrate no longer on basic questions such as: “-How to get to the school site or the village …”, but on concrete actions namely: “-What should we bring there in order to finish the project?”;

To conclude: A vehicle will be for sure quickly amortised and will be used every day to transport construction materials, school supplies, medical equipment, care or dressings as well as our teams of professionals. But also in order to organise other activities around access to drinking water, to provide a source of light for studying, reading;…

A vehicle is therefore really essential, linked to the activities of the foundation in the outermost regions of Indonesia

For all our trips, for the transport of material and people, in order to ensure social, medical and educational logistics, a vehicle is necessary today.

A vehicle will allow us to complete our services related to health care, education, bring goods for a healthier life, drive the children to the doctor, the dentist as we have done regularly for months, and therefore no longer having to rent a vehicle.

The construction of the #RebuildMbinuDita school, for example, is one of our activities in Sumba for one of the poorest people in Asia. This project involves us for the years to come in terms of organizing humanitarian events.

The foundation’s other projects are access to water for villages, offer solutions for access to electricity and renewable energies, a first aid kits per school and village, as well as educational and medical activities. and social. like “Photo Sumba Stories” which is coming to an end and which we will renew in favour of women in rural areas linked to an empowerment program dedicated to them.

This vehicle will be extremely useful and let us also note that it will be the first of the foundation in nearly 13 years of activity. For the first time in more than ten years, the foundation feels the absolute need to equip ourselves with a 4×4 vehicle, so that we can go to sites in very rural and ultra-peripheral areas, in villages where no road exists, really none. During the rainy season, this kind of vehicle is absolutely essential. Even on a scooter, it is impossible to travel from a place to another and it is also the time during which we are most involved.

In addition, this vehicle will allow us to move from one village to another, in a safer way and to no longer have to count the falls and injuries that we are confronted too often. Indeed, a scooter is definitely not suitable on these paths and roads which are often impractical.

An adapted, resistant vehicle will allow us to bring equipment without having to think about how we will be able to transport it on site. This will allow us to save money, but also to save our time, our energy and to focus on the cause and much less on the logistics.

Also, note that this vehicle will be part of the material assets of the Fair Future Foundation Switzerland and its legal representation in Indonesia. The documents will be in the name of Fair Future Indonesia.

What type of vehicle is the foundation looking for in order to take us to where we have been working for a long time?

  • A 4×4, all-terrain vehicle, resistant, solid, able to go almost everywhere;
  • A vehicle capable of loading more than one hundred kilos of pick-up type equipment;
  • Also able to bring our staff and specialists people on site, whether seated in the front or in the loading space;
  • Example: Toyota Hilux – Nissan Navara – Isuzu D-Max…

We thank you very much for your help and also for allowing us to go to places where hardly anyone can help.

We would also like to thank you for giving us the means to improve our security, our logistical resilience and to participate concretely in the implementation of the foundation’s programs in the most rural regions of this vast territory in which we are involved.


This request is initiated by the Fair Future Foundation, Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Indonesia 

Who are the ones who donated for the Foundation social car?