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To go where no one goes
Excerpt and introduction: The truck of Life is so important... It allows us to go where almost no one ever goes. To meet people who have incredible problems. To provide medical care, to take children or even a doctor or dentist to the nearest town. Truck of Life allows us to bring equipment, food, and drinking water where no one goes while ensuring the safety of our volunteers and specialized collaborators. Indeed, in the most inaccessible territories, live hundreds of thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs to ensure a healthy life: No access to medical care, nor drinking water, or a light source for children to read or study.Thank you so much for your attention Kawan.

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A Fund created to support basic health care in rural areas, first aid kits, training of teachers in basic care, as well as local volunteers, messengers of change.
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Your donation will be used to pay for maintenance, fuel, technical equipment, medical equipment on board, the truck’s pharmacy, tools in the event of a natural disaster, obviously the kilometers that take us where almost no one ever goes!

Last movie about Truck Of Life

Truck of Life – A truck that takes us wherever hardly anyone goes. His mission? Helping as many people as possible living in the most isolated regions.

You can make it go further, go faster, and meet those who need us. Whether in terms of access to health care, projects for access to clean water, education, emergency care and in the event of natural disasters. Its equipment and maintenance cost Fair Future a bit of money, but without him, many things would not be possible.

The Truck of Life, in recent months, has been moving a lot. Surabaya, Caruban, Waingapu, Lewa and all the villages without access, without roads here in Sumba East.

Between bringing equipment to the #sdmbinudita site, project studies in the most isolated and inaccessible villages and regions. Go to the areas where we have an ongoing project to plan, improve, and build. Truck of Life allows us to meet the most disadvantaged families regarding access to a healthy life. He will enable us to meet together, talk to each other, smile at each other and build projects together that will bring a healthier, more harmonious life to the people he meets. The #truckoflife doesn’t stop, and that’s good,

This vehicle is a godsend for Fair Future and Kawan Baik foundations. It is mainly the result of funding from the mother country of the Fair Future Foundation, Switzerland. And every day, I thank those who made its acquisition possible. The Truck of Life allows us to move forward, not only in terms of kilometres but in terms of projects. Without him, we could not go where he is going. We really take care of it so that it keeps us safe. He must stay in shape, in good condition and not put those inside in danger! A shred of evidence.

The Truck of Life? All of you can support it by making a contribution. It will help us to make it go further, to help more people and to maintain it in good condition, to repair it, to equip it better with equipment for medical care, with various equipment which will serve the communities in which it travels all the time.

Because sometimes he suffers, as you can see in these few images. The paths he takes most of the time are not really paths; you have to be careful because the danger is always present.

What is the “Truck of life”, what is it for, where is it to go and who is it for?

  1. This truck increases our logistical and human resilience and we no longer have to search for hours for a means of transporting food, and essential goods for our activities on the sites;
  2. This truck transport the suffering, especially children from rural villages who do not have access to medical care. In an emergency, we must regularly organise a visit to one of the few specialist doctors in the City, sometimes more than 5 hours away;
  3. This truck reduces travel times because the sites in which we are involved are very far from each other, notably from our Base Camp located in Waingapu;
  4. This truck makes us able to work and develop projects carried out in the territories of the East (East Sumba) by the Fair Future Foundation Indonesia in a more logical and efficient way;
  5. This truck allows us to reach remote villages, using the only roads to reach them. Stony, muddy, steep paths flooded in the rainy season;
  6. This truck avoids us having to use two wheels to move around these rural and poor areas, preventing us from transporting material and equipment;
  7. This truck makes us able to project ourselves into the development of projects in terms of logistics above all. Because owning our own vehicle is the best option given our involvement for years in Indonesia and the foundation’s activities in East Sumba;
  8. With this truck, we don’t have to rent vehicles and private drivers. The sites our staff have to visit most of the time every day involve several hours of travel in the vehicles we hire;
  9. This truck ensures the safety of our teams in the field because many of our employees have already fallen and been injured while using their scooters;
  10. This truck makes us save money on the internal travel budget of our medico-social teams. The latter so far is too important and therefore we have to find a long-term solution;
  11. This truck makes us feel freer, to gain independence, to be able to concentrate no longer on basic questions such as: “-How to get to the school site or the village …”, but on concrete actions namely: “-What should we bring there in order to finish the project?”

Transport our teams, and our volunteers in safety and shelter from bad weather…The foundation’s other projects are access to water for villages, offering solutions for access to electricity and renewable energies, first aid kits per school and village, as well as educational and medical activities. and social. like “Photo Sumba Stories” which is coming to an end and which we will renew in favour of women in rural areas linked to an empowerment program dedicated to them.

Thank you very much for them, for him and for all those he meets every day on his “path.”

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