Why we’ve create Action for Fair Future?

Covid-19 outbreak | Support free food, hygiene kits and information for the population affected

$30 | Act for 9 meals & sanitary kits
$50 | Act for 30 meals & sanitary kits
$80 | Act for 47 meals & sanitary kits
$100 | Act for 60 meals & sanitary kits
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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life

by what we give!

For one very simple reason actually!

To carry out social, medical, creative, cultural, solidarity, ecological projects and make the world a better place…

Dear friends (kawan’s),

The foundation offers an innovative crowdfunding platform, dedicated to providing help, support, logistical and social advice, visibility to all official organizations that need it. The Fair Future Foundation will help you develop your own actions, those that you will dedicate to humans and humanity.

With us, even small project holders have the opportunity to appeal to donations. We create the Action for Fair Future to allow public institutions or not-for-profit organisations, but also carrying projects, to exhibit their actions and projects and conduct their campaigns.

Made for whom?

To do this, Action for Fair Future not only counts on you to make a difference but also on other organisations such as other foundations, volunteers working for a cause, associations, companies wanting to set up a project, groups of friends, local youth groups. Together, let’s make these differences turn into real changes!

Your projects?

The projects submitted to us must all be dedicated to solidarity, social innovations, medical support, in order to help a sick person, an epidemic, the prevention of dangers, an environmental cause, woman rights, But also to the improvement of education and learning systems, to the means of accessing knowledge so that each of us can access different sources of learning, to sustainable development projects such as access to water and electricity.

Obviously, all your causes will have to be innovative, friendly and will have to value the beneficiaries or beneficiary communities, while taking into account their social, religious and environmental differences with respect and empathy.

How will we help you?

If your project meets this philosophy of “Action for Fair Future platform”, then share your idea here Kawan’s

To go even further, in the conceptualisation and monitoring of your project, we will support you in the process of “establishing your presentation and your business plan”, then in the search for financial means.

For any further information, you can contact us by email here. We will help you to implement your fundraising campaigns in a precise and guided way.

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