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Do you want to implement a social project?

Whether it is a project or a social, medical, artistic, creative, cultural, solidarity, ecological action aimed at making the world a better place? So join the team of good friends -Kawan’s Baik- and you too make the world a healthier place!

Unique in the world because we finance your projects and we are with you in the field, in order to realise your sustainable initiatives

Fair Future offers an innovative crowdfunding platform, dedicated to providing help, support, logistical and social advice, visibility to all official organisations that need it.  We will help you develop your own actions, those that you will dedicate to humans and humanity.

Together with our partners, we use a combination of practical and innovative tactics to implement development programs, public education, educational campaigns, advocacy campaigns and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts. Do you want to give more meaning to your work, to have more impact on society or even to turn your passion into a profession?

Launch your project on the Fair Future Platform, our team will support you!

The Fair Future platform is exclusively dedicated to providing people and children with concrete solutions to improve social, educational and medical living conditions through innovative and inspiring projects. From the construction of schools in rural and forgotten areas, of clinics or of a hospital, to projects to empower women. The Fair Future platform support and develop projects aimed at creating opportunities for all generations, children, young adults, the elderly.

We aim to rebalance social inequalities in order to restore the autonomy of all communities of people. We are creating a fairer and more equitable future for all. Also active in social, medical or infrastructural emergency aid, the Fair Future platform provides rapid and effective responses in favour of or populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, shortages, destruction of vital buildings or economic crises.


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How are you today? I am Elisa and I joined the board of the foundation -secretary and treasurer- in October 2019 and the teams of the foundation in Indonesia, on February 2020 as a volunteer for the Fair Future programs.

If you want to make a donation by bank transfer, there are our bank details in Switzerland

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (VD) – Switzerland
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
IBAN : CH 83 0076 7000 e543 5802 2
Bank clearing: 767

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (VD) – Switzerland
Credit Suisse Bank
IBAN : CH64 0483 5143 7008 9100 0
Bank clearing: 4835

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